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Take A Trip Through Springfield

I’ve always questioned the layout of The Simpsons’ home town of Springfield. There are many speculations as to what state Springfield lies in, but this interactive map put together by a dedicated fan just might hold the clues to my curiosity. You’d almost forget all the hot locales riddled through out the town of Springfield if there wasn’t such an ...

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Put Some D’Oh Into Your Monitor

OK, so they aren’t X-mas lights, but they certainly are fixing to be. Simpson fanatics who already have every Simpsons paraphernalia from wall clocks to pinball machines and even an eye-popping limited edition iPod design, will be happy to know that they can now decorate their computer monitor with Homer. This mini-bulb strand consists of nine little Homers, all powered ...

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Limited Edition Simpsons iPods

The Simpsons are the one of those TV shows that’s loved by everyone around the world. From Homer’s gluttony to Bart’s pranks on Ms. Crabapple, nothing gets you cracking up like The Simpsons. Now you can get a limited edition iPod with frickin’ awesome Simpsons artwork etched into the back. The iPods are available from The Simpsons Shop and come ...

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Trick Out Your Homer Simpson Clock

It’s no mystery that Homer Simpson is a portrait of manliness worldwide. That’s why Tony Sambuchi has taken it upon himself to turn this store-bought talking Homer Simpson clock into something more. After stripping the clock of its innards, Sambuchi manages to get the clock to play Homer’s voice through his sound system every hour and he turns the clock ...

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