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Benedictaphone: The Holy Way to Leave Yourself Vanity Messages

Self-glorification. Self-encouragement. Messages of self-affirmation. Some call these messages a sin. Pure vanity. Not if you leave these messages on the Benedictaphone, the holiest way to sin there ever was. “You are great. You are powerful. You are the greatest of all time.” Why thank you, Pope Benedict, you’re not too bad yourself. The Benedictaphone allows you to record yourself, ...

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Holy Crap! It’s A Holy Robot!

Pope Benedict better watch where he places his pope hat or the Kuka robot might just steal his place. Kuka is a robot programed to rewrite the entire Martin Luther bible in a beautiful calligraphy style font. You can gauge how massive this robot is by checking out its size compared to the pen its holding. I guarantee you if ...

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