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Gillette Harnesses The Advertising Power of The Zamboni

Gillette has finally realized they have been missing a key demographic with their marketing. Zamboni enthusiasts! The totally souped-up Zamboni features a snazzy ad campaign for the Gillette Fusion Power razor. Now I know what your momma shaves her ass with. I kid. But no really, your mother is huge and hairy. Link

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Once In A Lifetime: Meteors In Canada

So there’s not exactly a lot of background on this video but from what I can gather, this is a police officer’s dashcam capturing a meteor falling in the sky over Edmonton, Canada. It’s quite the sight to see, considering that I’d be thinking about complete Armageddon if the sky lit up like that around here. I have yet to ...

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Deals: N64 Goodness

Attention owners of the Nintendo 64! You can score the best hockey game the system has to offer for a staggering 13 cents on Amazon.com. Yes. 13 cents. Don’t trust the guy selling Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey ’98 for that low? Then buy a copy from the other guy for 75 cents. Sure, there’s no box or manual included, but ...

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