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Paper Bag Beanie: Hobo-Chic

You say cheap and raggedy. I say fabulous and trendy. This fleece Paper Bag Hat transforms any upstanding citizen into the scourge of society. And that’s just absolutely fierce. Hobos are just so “in” right now. Where do you think Kate Moss got that trim physique? Years of starvation and hardship. Mmm, sexy. Link [via]

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Freedom Like A Shopping Cart

They say malt liquor tastes better on the street. I wouldn’t know because I don’t live in a cardboard condominium but I do enjoy my malt liquor. Apparently so do designers Barry Sheehan and Gregor Timlin for their concept of the Shelter Cart in light of Designboom�s mobile living/storage competition. It’s your standard cart but flip it over and you’ve ...

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Where The Hobo Religous Fanatic Hides His Booze

If you live in a major city, you know about the crazy homeless religious fanatics which turn up every so often at a major street corner, clutching a Bible to their chest and preaching about the upcoming apocalypse and how we’re all going to burn in hell. Meanwhile, Pastor Hobo over here is chugging booze through out his whole sermon. ...

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