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Spray Skin On Your Burnt Flesh

This skin spraying gun makes you feel like you’re Wolverine. Stem-cell infused skin is discharged from the nozzle onto a wound to expedite the healing process to just hours. Alright, so it’s not quite Wolverine’s mutant healing powers, it’s still better than your natural tissue regeneration, pussy. This is not to be confused with the spray on condom. $250 million ...

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Self-Repairing Vehicle Can Fix Itself Mid-Flight

Scientists have found a way to mimic natural healing processes and apply their effects to aircrafts used in commercial flight. The technique maintains small-scale damage that could be overlooked during an inspection. It’s not a permanent solution to maintenance, but a great compliment during flight. This simple but ingenious technique, similar to the bruising and bleeding/healing processes we see after ...

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