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ChefBot Shows You How Not to Make a Creme Brulee

Robots can be masterful pieces of art when enough funding, research, knowledge and artistry goes into their designs, but I think it’s important to remember that not all robots are created equal. ChefBot, an entry in SparkFun’s Antimov Competition is not a well-made robot. In fact, he’s down right hazardous. But what he lacks in precision and safety, he gains ...

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Seascout Aquatic Rescue Robot Won’t Leave You Stranded

Shipwrecked? No worries. I’ve got this Seascout aquatic rescue robot. It replaces all the bikini-clad Baywatch babes you wished would rescue you. Pamela Anderson can’t swim in hazardous conditions even with flotation devices, but Seascout can. The idea is that anyone stranded in the water could use a GPS tracker to summon the rescue robot to come scoop them up ...

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