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Recasting Harry Potter

harry potter recast

Have you ever had the urge to recast a movie just because you think you could do a better job? Or maybe it's just fun to remold existing characters with new fresh faces? Today we're going to recast Harry Potter...because we want to.

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Three-Headed Dog Costume

Are you a fan of Harry Potter or do you just have a really freaky bestiality fantasy? Both fanboys, disturbed and literary, should be satisfied with this photo of a dog wearing a three-headed costume, akin to Hagrid’s very own Fluffy from the Harry Potter series. Attached to a harness, this costume actually seems less tortuous than other forms of ...

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Magic Wand Universal Remote Control

Who hasn’t fantasized about being a wizard? Harry Potter might have to constantly worry about the dark lord Voldemort leering over his shoulder, but my wizardly concerns are much more pedestrian, such as figuring out how to change the channel with my penis magic wand. Thanks to the Kymera Magic Wand Universal Remote, there is no need to go to ...

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