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Hand In Glove

Here’s a design concept that will get any woman’s husband in the kitchen. It’s a cloth/handkerchief that also doubles as an oven mitt. You can lift hot plates using the dotted-outline of a glove and blow your nose with the rest of the cloth. I beg the question, can you pick up hot plates and blow your nose? Riddle me ...

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Bulletproof Handkerchief Is As Classy As Body Armor Gets

Dueling is a favorite pass time of mine but if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to be prepared. That’s why I wear one of these bulletproof handkerchiefs everywhere I go. Some mother fucker slaps me and challenges me to a duel, you bet your ass we’re meeting before sun down at the town square. Little does my opponent ...

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Mustache Handkerchief

Never get caught eating at a French restaurant without a mustache again. With this $16 handkerchief from Avril Loreti, a designer on Etsy, you’ll have four stunning mustaches to choose from whilst you wipe your punim. The ‘staches were inspired by Dali and Tom Selleck, among others. Link (via)

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