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Gigantic Water Play Slide: Inflatable Mobile Fun

In the spirit of really large and cool shit for the summer, check out this Gigantic Water Play Slide from “ridiculously expensive stuff” extraordinaire Hammacher Schlemmer. Part 16-foot water slide, part water fort, the Gigantic Water Play Slide includes a bouncy center play gym and a mountain climbing-like stair experience. All for the (super-cheap, OMG) price of (only?!) $9,000. Chump ...

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Sommelier’s get a 2-1 Infrared Thermometer and Corkscrew

After the movie Sideways was released, wine collecting seemed to have a wave of popularity start up again. Along with the new wine craze came new wine gadgets. With this self proclaimed “Only Infrared Thermometer and Corkscrew”, wine lovers can moderate the temperature of their finest bottles, and pop them suckers open without having to go grab a different device. ...

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iPod Drumsticks complete the air drummer fantasy

I would seriously laugh so hard at someone using these in public. Well actually, I would probably use this in public myself (no shame). These iPod Drumsticks might make you look ridiculous, but they sure look like a ton of fun. The motion-activated drumsticks allow us to drum along with our favorite artists through an iPod or other similar audio ...

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Zap germs with Handheld Germ Eliminating Light

Its amazing and annoying how many people are germ-freaks these days; they always ruin your fun because they are scared of some e-coli germ or something.   Well now you can shut them up once and for all because their lifesaving gadget has arrived: the Handheld Germ Eliminating Light. This cell-phone sized device uses nanotechnology to eliminate nearly 100% (have ...

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