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Hair-Washing Robot Gives Hair Stylists More Time to Gossip

This is totally cool with me. I get sick and tired of looking up my stylist’s nose and listen to her gum-chomping directly in my ear anyway. What long nose hairs you have! Panasonic’s new hair-washing robotic prototype removes the need for hand-to-wet-hair contact. The prototype utilizes 3D scanning technology to replicate the feel of the human hand, massaging your ...

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Haircut Umbrella Subtracts the Mess, Adds Embarrassment

I try to shave my head as often as possible. I’m insecure about my ever-growing bald spot so I like to keep it pretty close. Thank God I haven’t resorted to Flair Hair quite yet. The problem is that if I forget to do it every few days, the mess gets increasingly harder to clean up. And frankly, I just ...

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