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Covini’s Six-Wheeled Sports Car

These days, cars need more of everything. More side airbags, more windows and more pistons are a good start, but if we really want to enhance a car’s performance, we need to do as Covini does and add two wheels to our cars. The Covini Six Wheeler (C6W) is a product which draws its engineering inspiration from the 1976 Tyrell ...

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Hand-Grip Charger For The Diesel Tech Geeks

Being stranded at the gym without a charger can be a problem when you’re without one of these hand-grip chargers. An ideal solution for scrawny forearms and drained iPods, the hand-grip charger makes finding AC outlets a moot task. It’s a great stress reliever, too! Squeeze the handle and it charges the device attached to it. Sounds simple enough, right? ...

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SensoGlove And A Respectable Handshake

Some people have a wimpy handshake, while others have a bone-breaking firm shake. The SensoGlove will train certain uncoordinated folk into having the perfect grip on their golf club, handshake or life. The glove teaches you how to maintain a correct swing in golf via built-in sensors that constantly read the pressure of your grip, letting you easily learn proper ...

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A Unique Approach Towards Grip Tape

If you’re a self proclaimed “Lord of Dogtown” and for some strange reason you like arts and crafts, this DIY grip tape is your ticket to showing those non-skaters that you didn’t fail third-grade art class. Subhead grip tape pre-cut designs, like skulls and stars for the punk in you, can make decaling your board an easy and efficient way ...

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