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BMW Goes For Gorilla Glass In The i8!

BMW I8 Concept

Not long ago we featured an article on the all electric BMW i3 and today the upcoming plug-in hybrid i8 is making news as well with the announcement that BMW will be utilizing gorilla glass. According to reports, the all new BMW i8 is going to be the first car to utilize gorilla glass in place of the more traditional glass. The i8 windows will use gorilla glass to keep excess weight off the car. Currently, gorilla glass is more well known for its implementation in smart phones and smart phone cases but BMW is taking its use in to a whole new realm.

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Diamonds: Hard as Aerogel

Diamonds are as useful as they are beautiful. They coat our blades, sharpen our tools, and convince women way out of our league to marry us. Researchers have now managed to construct a diamond aerogel 40 times as dense as air.

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