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Twisted Ceramic Figurines For Twisted Little Old Ladies

Filed under “things you might find at Jeffery Dahmer’s grandmother’s house.” These Twisted Ceramic Figurines were created by designer Jessica Harrison. Almost every little old lady’s home you visit is stuffed to the brim with knick-knacks on every available surface. Next time, look closer. You’re bound to find something disturbing. More after the jump.

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Roadkill Rug

Just thinking about this rug makes me hungry. The Roadkill Rug demonstrates the “struggle between attraction and repulsion,” encouraging owners to cuddle up with the image of a mangled fox, or as I like to call it, the foretelling of a barbecue. There’s just no competing with my grilled fox entrails. Cooked in the traditional fashion, via exhaust fumes, of ...

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Buy Your Own Hacked Up Body

I had “hacked up body” on my Christmas wishlist, but sadly, Santa didn’t deliver last year, which is really lame, because I would have used this $400 ultra-realistic body for Halloween this year. *sigh* Maybe I’ll get lucky this year. Come on Santa, don’t make me beg. Link [via]

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Tea, Crumpets and Blood

This reminds me of the calm serial killer, who after viciously murdering a family, sits down for a refreshing cup of tea. The Blood-Splattered Coffee Set is very Bates Motel-ish. While it seems like a must for those of you into the seedier side of horror, the price tag is steep. You’ll have to shell out $500 for this 15-piece ...

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Mouse For The Archaeologist

The Skeleton Mouse might be designed a little on the morbid side. Hell, who are we kidding, it’s a mouse made to look like a decomposed corpse. Archaeologists and grave diggers alike will have a fun time with this one. The species known as mousicus bonicus was thought to be long since extinct, but you can have a piece of ...

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