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Take a Left at the Penguins: Google Street View Expands to Antarctica

With the addition of portions of Antarctica to Google’s Street View, Google can now claim Street View availability on all seven continents. It took three years of LARPing and accident catching, but they’ve done it. For now, the Antarctic viewing is extremely limited, but Google plans to expand with user-submitted photos and more official photography. You’ll notice that some Antarctic ...

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Peek-A-Boo: Google Street View Captures Teen Couple’s First Dry Hump

There shouldn’t be any surprise that Google’s goal at capturing images of our nation’s roads at street level would capture some interesting sights. But this is just wrong. Who makes out in their front lawn like this in the first place? The sixth-form student said: “I couldn’t believe it, I wouldn’t admit to it being me at first, as I ...

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Plumbing No More: Mario and Luigi Are Now In The Restaurant Business

Spotted using Google Street View, apparently after saving the princess Mario and Luigi retired from the plumbing biz, sick and tired of crawling through pipes no doubt, and decided to open their own restaurants. Mario’s is a bakery and Luigi’s serves pizza, kebobs and burgers. So if you think about it, they aren’t even really competing. They’re pretty complimentary of ...

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Panoramic Van: Covered in Cameras

The Google Street View team has their method, the owners of this van have theirs. Covered in over 2,700 cameras, we like to call this van “the Panoramic Van.” The Panoramic Van was made to promote the film Automorphosis, which is about people who perform car art.

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Google Street View Spies on LARPing Nerds

A globe-trotting Twitter user discovered this Google Street View image of a bunch of nerds LARPing it up for the cameras. They’re prepared for dragon slaying, princess slaying and immortality, but are they prepared for eternal embarrassment? Next, on “LARPing to the Oldies”. I live right across the PA border, but I haven’t seen anything like this around here. Those ...

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