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Gandhi is Google’s G, Yo

In celebration of Mohandes Gandhi’s 150th birthday, Google has created a new logo doodle which appears on their homepage, subbing Gandhi’s round, bald head as the letter G. We have no doubt that CEO Eric Schmidt is also honoring his memory by locking himself in a cell and eating only one grain of rice.

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Google Celebrates 09/09/09 at 09:09:09 AM

In honor of an event that will only happen once this century, Google has ceremoniously altered their logo in honor of 9/9/09 at 9:09 AM, the only time in 100 years where the time and the date will feature the exact same amount of 9s in the same placement. Google didn’t take the ornate path this time, opting for a ...

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Coolest Google Logo Ever

In honor of Comic-Con and the introduction of comic-theme designs to your personalized iGoogle pages, Google has an awesome new logo design today. Perhaps the coolest Google design yet? Perhaps the geekiest? I duuuuuunnno. There’s been some fiercest competition.

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Gmail Beta is No More, But You Can Have It Back

Feeling a little insecure without the friendly Gmail beta logo to keep you warm (if you haven’t heard or noticed, it’s gone, baby, gone)? No worries. Google Labs has already got you covered. Featured under their lab tools is a new widget called “Back to Beta,” which adds the “beta” signifier back to the logo, making you feel all snugly ...

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