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Hello Kitty Rubik’s Cube Will Make You Vomit Rainbows

Alright, that’s IT! I could live with the destruction of all hope for intelligent life caused by the Hello Kitty Laptop, and I could deal with them ruining my work place with the Hello Kitty Water Cooler, but nobody, and I mean NOBODY, fucks with the sanctity of my Rubik’s Cube… unless it’s Nintendo. It’s pretty much everything you would ...

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Beautiful Butterfly Clock

You’re in London and Mom wants a birthday present. As a gardener, she’s bound to love butterflies. And she cooks a lot too! So I can bet she’s always checking the clock to make sure her famous mocha-chip cookies aren’t burnt. Why not order this lovely butterfly clock from the Design Shop? It’s a bit expensive at $211, but would ...

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