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JVC Mega Storage Everio Camcorder

I’m tired of my camcorder running out of room. If only there was a camera that was capable of storing over 50 gigs of my Benny Hill impersonations. What’s this? JVC announces two new cameras that have larger hard drives than my desktop PC. The JVC Everio GZ-MG840 and GZ-MG880, both capable of 720×480 wide format DVD-resolution video and a ...

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USB Wine Cork

They’ve made thumb drives out of pretty much everything; even Luke Skywalker comes in USB form. Now, snobby wine connoisseurs everywhere can confuse their dozens of wine corks lying around the house for this 1GB USB flash drive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t double as a wine stopper, it just looks like one, so if you happen to mix it up and ...

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