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The “Create Your Own Sci-Fi Movie Monster” T-Shirt

Feel the wrath of Sharktopus! Fear the coming of Cyber Yeti! Wait a second, we’ve already seen an Arachnodroid. In fact, we’ve seen a few. The Science Fiction TV-Movie Title Generator t-shirt encourages the creation of horrible and hysterical hybrids of which the likes have never been seen. I mean Raptorsquito? Really? Malaria with a bite! Ok, ok, I’m sorry. ...

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Romance Novel Yourself: And You Thought You Couldn’t Model

I’m just a beautiful piece of man. The Romance Novel Yourself service through MediaBoom just enhances my ridiculously manly physique. It’s nice looking at a photo of myself without breasts. Romance Novel Yourself allows you to add your photo to the cover of several different romance novel templates. I chose Desert of Dreams, though you can even change the title ...

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Make Your Own Empire Strikes Back Retro Banner

How fricken’ cool is this? RestrainingBolt.com created an awesome generator which turns any text you desire into an Empire Strikes Back retro-styled banner. Each character features a different image from the iconic film. If our logo wasn’t so rad, and if I didn’t risk violating multiple copyright laws, I’d seriously consider replacing it. Link [via]

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Saving The Environment, One Workout At A Time

David Butcher is one cool dude. Every day, he exercises for 45-minutes on a pedal-powered generator that powers his laptop computer, a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner and compact fluorescents. However, he’s not the only one making use of this eco-friendly approach to powering electronic equipment. A new gym in Portland, Oregon utilizes a similar approach to building up energy.� Personal ...

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DIY: Portable Password Generator

Just when you thought things couldn’t get nerdier, a DIY project like this comes along. Pass Key is the� password generator that is conveniently shaped like a candy bar making it the only portable gadget of its kind that I’ve seen.� It generates a 16-digit alphanumeric code as quick as you can press a button. The project takes about two ...

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