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Extremely Inappropriate Jazz Hands

I can’t think of any situation that really calls for jazz hands. Even dancing. On the other hand, there are some situations where jazz hands are much more inappropriate then others. I can at least understand why they could be worked into a dance routine, but if you’re a member of the clergy, there’s no reason for it, aside from ...

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Oversized Tongue Dog Toy Channels Gene Simmons

If you’re more intoembarrassingyour dog then offering it the chance at a dignified existence, such as with the Mustache Toy, the Humunga Tongue oversized dog toy is perfect for teaching your dog some humility. A ball toy attached to the super long non-toxic rubber tongue allows for pet owners to point and giggle at their dog as the poor little ...

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Gene Simmons Tongue Hoodie: KISS Army Gear

Even though I was born in 1986, I’ve been rocking out to KISS since the late 70s? Not possible you say? It is if you happen to know the secret to time travel. A secret in which I’m about to reveal to you all. And that secret is (redacted by CIA). Ahhh, I feel better with that off my chest. ...

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I-Dog Joins The KISS Army

Straight out of Hell and right under your Christmas tree is this hotter than Hell KISS-themed I-Dog. Who rocks harder than KISS? That’s right: no one. The dog sports Gene Simmons’ Demon face paint, but also shows some love to Paul Stanley with stars for the Star Child. It plays back music via a built-in speaker and also puts on ...

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