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Decorate Your Yard With The Living-Dead

There is no better way to have the feds on to you than dead bodies climbing out of your yard. Living-Dead bodies that is. Artist Alan Dickinson, master of self-incrimination, has created his most haunting image of yard sculptures to date. The Zombie of Montclaire Moors let’s all your neighbors know that you’re one sick puppy. This zombie could burrow ...

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Mobile Workstation For Gardeners On The Go

For gardeners on the go or gardeners who just have a huge work area, the Yardmate is the ideal mobile workstation. This workbench on wheels is sure to hold all garden goodies imaginable, then collapse beneath its shoddy frame. Gnomes, lilies, bonsai, whatever your fancy, I’m sure you could find a way to pack it into that lower shelf. With ...

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Grass Mailbox

Designer Adriean Koleric has created a mailbox that is both eco-friendly and chic. Sporting a small patch of dirt to grow grass/flowers/marijuana in, this mailbox will no doubt get you eco-cred with the babes and a thumbs up from your mailman. Did I mention it holds mail? That’s mail, not males. Link (via)

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Matchstick Garden Makes Planting Easier Than Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can be terrible for your health. So if you’re going to pull a Steve McQueen and catch a cigarette outside on your lunch break, why not do a little good for the planet at the same time? Carry around one of these Matchstick Gardens with you and whenever you light up, stick one of the “matches” in the ...

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Readers Of ‘Dog Fancy’ And ‘Home And Garden’ Rejoice!

If you’ve been looking for that special something to pick up for Mom on Mothers Day, we present the chance to incorporate their love for canines, 3D wiring projects, and gardening. The Dog Breed Topiary frames from the Gardeners’ Supply Store allows you to purchase a three dimensional model of the breed of your choice to fill with sphagnum moss ...

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Grobal Plants Water Themselves, Look Kitschy

They’re not the most beautifully designed item you might want lining your home, looking much like a small cactus plant you can pick-up at your local convenience store, the Grobal is more than just normal kitsch, but a self-watering plant pot. Water is sucked into the plant gradually through a reservoir on the bottom of the device. The Grobal might ...

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