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Tetris with Realistic Physics

It was devastating the first time you heard it and it’s just one of those things that doesn’t get easier to stomach. Yes, when I found out that Tetris didn’t exactly follow the laws of physics I was completely blindsided. “What else aren’t they telling me?” I thought. Next I’ll be hearing that Dr. Mario doesn’t even have his Ph. ...

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Pixelate Those Pretty Graphics

The Pixelation forum came up with a neat contest for it’s users. They poked at the question, “what would modern games look like on an original Gameboy?” They ask their users to re-create screenshots of their favorite modern games in pixelated Gameboy-form. You’ll find games like Guitar Hero, BioShock, ICO, Okami, Sam & Max, Flashback (not so modern but very ...

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DIY: Game Boy Floppy Drive

Have you ever wanted to add a floppy drive to your Nintendo Game Boy in order to read ROM files for all of your games? Neither have I, considering you can just download an emulator. Regardless, a French author has posted everything (even circuit diagrams) you’ll need to turn your portable gaming system into a cumbersome mess of wires. Sure, ...

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Tetris Theme Performed On Bottles (Probably Alcoholic)

I used to spend hours tapping away at the original Game Boy, hoping to improve my Tetris score. While my score sort of topped out and some point, the Tetris soundtrack will always be stuck in my head. The funny thing is, that there was a setting in the original game which allowed you to choose from an assortment of ...

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Touch-Screen Gameboy Color Mod Brings Pokemon To A Whole New Level

Alright, check it out fellow gearheads. The Gameboy Color might be ancient by modern standards, but there was a time wher every 9 year-old on the block had one of these. And if they didn’t? They were laughed at for being girly men. Trust me, I’d know. Mash-Mods has created a Gameboy Color unit with a touch-screen module built right ...

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