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Corky Romano + Macintosh = Cork-board Mac

What’s a guy to do when his Powerbook case gets all messed up? Well, he could always completely dissect it and mount it to a cork-board. Seems that’s exactly what he decided to do. Love how the AC adaptor is still chillin’ there. Think he still uses it or just uses it as a conversation piece? Link (via)

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DIY Apple PowerMac G4 Mailbox

I must admit, I barely used my PowerMac G3 when I had it. If only I had gutted it and used it as a nifty mailbox for my cottage in Maine like this guy did. Doesn’t look too practical though, despite the easy-access case. It’s not R2-D2, but every fanboy can dream. Link (via)

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Laugh of the Weekend: The PS3 Elite

[ev type=”youtube” data=”GG1G1-h3gfo”][/ev] I must say, I’m usually not a fan of G4 and their gaming obsessed attitude, considering it’s supposed to be a tech channel and not a “lets watch people play games” channel. But with this PS3 Elite mock ad they made, they’ve won a place in the coveted “Laugh of the *enter time span here*” title from ...

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