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How to Make Your House Smell Like a Hotel

Do you get the feeling that your house always smells like… err… your house? If only you could make it have a hotel smell, maybe with the fragrance of orange blossom and eucalyptus. That would be magical, wouldn’t it? Well, perhaps not exactly magical, but there are some easy ways to achieve this effect in your home without spending a ...

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Clothes Hanger uses your stench to impress

Okay, we admit talking about clothes hangers isn’t exactly a thrilling talking point, but this is no normal hanger. Listen to me, I’m starting to sound like a 60 year-old woman. Using ion technology, this hanger can remove unpleasant scents, even cigarette smoke, using a soft, non-harsh method. When the hanger isn’t in smell-o-matic mode, it can be folded down ...

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