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LED Forks Invade Your Kitchen

These LED forks whipped up at Yanko Design are a decent idea for eating in low-light situations, but as far as romanticism goes, no dice. This “Lightware” claims it will “enhance your candle light dinner experience.” I don’t buy it. How does a red LED or a blue LED get me laid? If that’s all it took, I would have ...

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Construction Utensils

No illegal immigrants here, folks. Just good old, solid machinery attached to utensils. Yup. We’ve got ourselves some trucks and bulldozers with a classic yellow and black paint job. The set includes a fork lift fork, bulldozer pusher and front loader spoon. It’ll keep your kids happy and might even be fun for you. At $18, it’s priced similar to ...

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Skeleton Serving Set

Want to creep everyone out this Thanksgiving? Order a set of these fine skeleton hand serving forks for only $50. They probably do a fantastic job at tossing salad and serving turkey with those long, boney fingers. I’m sure your relatives will be pleased with your antics when granny keels over in horror at the dinner table. Link [via]

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