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Important Documents in Comic Sans

It’s about time Comic Sans earned some respect. When Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbert authored a scathing letter of hate directed at LeBron James after his decision to leave C-Town, there were apparently no other fonts that illustrated his anger quite as well as Comic Sans. And it’s a good thing too, because I feared that Sans would never get ...

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Typographic Burger

I prefer my burgers well-done. And this Typographic Burger is composed about as well-done as you would imagine. Who needs ketchup with all of that sweet Helvetica flavor. Link [via]

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For the Love of Fonts: Typographic Playing Cards

While I’m not a graphic design major I always had a keen eye for neat and progressive design, including creative uses of typography. This set of Typographic Playing Cards caught my eye with its interesting integration of text into the design of a deck of cards. Designed by Michelle Lam, each card features a different font, along with a mini-description ...

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Type Cube: Design Your Own Fonts

I’m not quite sure what the Type Cube is supposed to be but from what I can gather, you can design your own fonts using cubes with painted shapes on them. Use black squares and quarter-leaves to spell out classic words like “BONER” and “TOOL.” Actually, Type Cubes look like a fun way to teach children about letters, design and ...

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Fresh Fonts Invade Helvetica

These fonts were created by tracing over the Helvetica font with different textures. Said textures included toothpaste, tomato paste and hair gel. Fancy! for their project ‘fresh fonts’ the dutch collective autobahn drew the typeface helvetica using toothpaste, tomato ketchup and hair gel. they then used these experiments to create the digital typefaces ‘heldentica’ , ‘tomatica’ and ‘gelvetica’, which you ...

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Helvetica and Others Destroy Humans, Find Success In Microsoft Word

After about three batches of magic mushrooms gone wrong, Jonathon Yule decided to put his graphic design skills to the test. As part of his art program at the University of Toronto, Yule decided to blend art, typography, fonts and robots all into one medium. The result? Gear-filled and ridiculous. Jon has used popular fonts like Helvetica and Futura to ...

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