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Green Lantern Beware: I’ve Got A Yellow Laptop Case

Nothing screams, “I’m holding a laptop, rob me!” more than this bright yellow vinyl laptop case by 25togo of Taiwan. The case is a classic take on a computer icon except, it’s really yellow. The kind of yellow looking folders you’d get if you had a 13-year old CRT monitor on the verge of its demise. The International Contemporary Furniture ...

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G-rated video of Motorola’s leaked “LAZR”

[ev type=”youtube” data=”Q4OC-sNpgXs”][/ev] Don’t know what’s the deal with the girl, but the phone is truly hot. Supposedly an updated RAZR (and KRZR) with extra large external screen, and a form factor thinner than KRZR. What’s more is that it supports reading out messages and emails in a computer voice. We don’t know how legit this is yet. More video ...

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