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Eco-friendly Lightsaber Packs A Mean Punch

Lightsabers are flippin’ cool but one can’t help but question their toll on the environment. Enter the Jedi Ecosaber, the lightsaber that wields a compact fluorescent bulb.� It’ll light up but, when it comes to slicing things in half, you’d be better off with a butter knife.� Redbubble is selling these t-shirts for $26.53, so grab yours before everyone in ...

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You Don’t Need Friends To Limbo

Are you the kind of person who loves to limbo to the Macarena but never has any friends willing to hold the bar up for you? Whether that’s the case or you just don’t have any friends period, there is a solution. This limbo device is activated with the touch of a button that has multi-colored strings creating a fluorescent ...

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Blindingly Good-Looking Superhero Bandannas

Yet another article of clothing to add to your superhero wardrobe. Mark McMillan has an idea for “goggle bandannas,” with removable eye pieces and breathable cushioning to provide extra comfort and convenience. Looking snazzy while riding that road warrior bike, you’ll be sure to have heads turning to see your flashy fluorescent goggle bandanna. You can even wear the goggles ...

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