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Fish Tank Toilet

I did a little research and as it turns out, goldfish do have a sense of smell. That’s how blind fish can find food rather easily. I feel terrible for these fish. Especially if they’re owner happens to be a frequenter of Taco Bell. The Fish Tank Toilet is cool and�convenient�for several reasons. First off, it’s just really chill to ...

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Halo-Themed Aquarium Forces Your Fish To Be Gamers

If you asked your fish to list its hobbies, the chances of gaming appearing on that list might be a stretch. The most gaming your fish has ever done is swimming real quick through the bubble blaster, maybe even being lucky enough to watch you slave away at Zelda for hours on end. If I was a fish, I might ...

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Head-shaped Fish Tank

We don’t cover too many aquariums on Gearfuse for obvious reasons (we’re prejudice against tuna) but I love the look and design of this particular fish tank. It was designed by Nicola L. and is shaped like a human head. Coincidentally, in the above photo, the fish poses as the eyeball, leading me to believe that any stoner would spend ...

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R2 Fish School Kit: Teaching An Old Fish New Tricks

If you have a pet fish, you understand that they can become pretty boring after a while. They’re nice to look at when you’re in need of some relaxation, but other than that, we’re pretty much slaves to our fish masters, feeding them and cleaning up their shit as they deem fit. The R2 Fish School Kit is said to ...

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