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Chandelier Made of Tampons

Seeing as our key demographic is post-menopausal woman, I find this Tampon Chandelier quite fitting. Say buh-bye Aunt Flo! What do you do with the warehouse of tampons you have stored away in your underground shelter? Why, you create of course! Just as the Gummi Bear Chandelier was perfect for recovering gummy addicts, the Tampon Chandelier provides a classy way ...

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iMaxi iPad Case: Now With Wings!

We sort of took all of the iPad�menstruation-centric�references�and ran with it. How could we not? iPad feminine product references�were running rampant. So what could we do? So it’s only natural that we continue the trend with the iMaxi Case, an iPad case which demonstrates the device’s expert skill at absorbing your feminine fluids. Etsy designer Hiphandmaids designed the iMaxi feminine ...

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