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Felt-Crafted iPad: More Cushion for the Pushin’

Tired of the extended wait for an actual iPad, Jason Guest decided to take matters into his own hands and produce his own hackneyed version of the iPad… completely composed of felt. Arts and crafts are back in a huge way among the geek community and this addition to the crafters�arsenal�is a welcomed advancement in felt technology. In fact, it ...

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SNES Glasses Case

I’ve been getting back into SNES recently. It had been at least ten years since I even looked at the system, but then I received a copy of Super Mario World for Christmas. Forget about it. Now I can’t leave my house without some sort of SNES accessory. I just can’t bare to leave my poor console behind. I don’t ...

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Bacon and Egg iPhone Case: I Can Do Without the Egg

Everybody’s favorite crisped pork fat dish, with a side of fried chicken hatchling, is the star of this felt iPhone case / pouch / inedible tease. Breakfast is one of the geekiest meals of the day, just because the inclusion of bacon, maybe with a dash of Jolt cola for that AM buzz. The handcrafted case makes me hungry just ...

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Robo Crazy Flickr User

Flickr user Agustina loves her felt and possibly robots. And while Felt Robots are cool, we want fire-breathing, horseback riding, begging, swimming, cooking, killer robots that come equipped with the ability to give us hand jobs. While it might not be a traditional, metal robot, Agustina’s felt robots really reflect what DIY is all about. Sometimes you have to reinterpret ...

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