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18+ Hours To Defeat Final Fantasy XI Boss

If you’ve ever played an MMORPG habitually, you know how difficult some bosses can be. Especially if your fellow guild members are shit-for-brain newbs. When you’re guild name is “Beyond the Limitation”, there’s little doubt that any one of your members gets out of the house on weekends. You’d think a bunch of geeks who never leave their rooms would ...

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Steve Jobs Comes Clean, Admits MobileMe Launch Sucked

Ars Technica has gotten a hold of an internal e-mail sent out to Apple employees yesterday. It’s from Steve Jobs and guess what? He’s not very happy about MobileMe. Not at all. In fact, Jobs thinks that MobileMe should have been rolled out piece-by-piece or delayed somewhat. He says the launch was “not up to Apple’s standards.” “It was a ...

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Laugh of the Day: K-Fed starting his own search engine

We wish we could say we were joking about this, but it’s indeed serious. The shaved ex-husband of the newly shaved Britney Spears has announced his intentions on adding his name into the search engine arena. Among competitors are Google, Yahoo, and the lesser known Ask J-Lo. Yes, the J-Lo thing is a joke. In addition to worst rapper of ...

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