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Fail Cthulhu: Somewhere, a Fail Whale is Crying

Created by Robert Cadena for a Cthulhu-themed art contest, Fail Cthulhu makes quite a larger splash then a loan fail whale. Because Cthulhu does not take social sites prisoner, under any circumstances. Once you’re in its grasps, your day has come. Once you smell him, it’s already too late. Link [via]

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A Site That Celebrates Everything Fail Whale

The Twitter Fail Whale, now clearly a cultural phenomenon, has earned itself quite a fan base. Pieces of art, clothing and gadgets are popping up around the web, dedicated to the most famous internet whale that never lived. “What is Fail Whale?” is a site devoted to everything Fail Whale. Fail Whale products, Fail Whale DIYs, Fail Whale appreciation. It’s ...

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LEGO Twitter Fail Whale Swims With The Fishes

Flickr user tveskov and LEGO design extraordinaire, Bjarne P. Tveskov, admits to cheating a bit when he created his Twitter Fail Whale LEGO design. The brick which features the beloved whale’s eye was originally yellow. Tveskov did a little color reworking with Adobe. Like that really matters? This thing is plain awesome, shopped or not. Link [via] (follow me at ...

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