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We Really Should Have Known

Officially my favorite Facebook page of the week: Lady Gaga is really Paul from The Wonder Years. I remember a few years ago there was a similar comparison between good ole’ Pauly-boy and Marilyn Manson. So we can only come to one logical conclusion… Lady Gaga is Marilyn Manson. [via]

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What It Really Looks Like When You Join That Facebook Page…

Cracked offers a helpful little rule-of-thumb for determining rather you should like a Facebook page or not. It’s easy enough really. Just ask yourself “Would I talk about this on a date?” Seriously though, consider whether you’d include the page topic in conversation on a first date or just talking with a friend, and then reconsider. So, what does it ...

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Every Facebook Page Indexed Alphabetically For Your Pleasure

I’m not a Farmville sort of person. I have my own nasty habit. Facebook Pages. I love them. Well, technically I “Like” them, but you get the point. I’m really a hopeless case. I’ve looked through all of the most popular pages and thought that would sufficiently fill my appetite. And it did, for a while. And then I found ...

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