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Exploded: The Anatomy of Everyday Objects

Adam Vorhees really loved biology class. When the day came around to dissect frogs, he was ready to jump out of his skin with excitement. So what if he’s a little creepy? Anatomy can be fascinating. Even for objects of the non-living variety. Vorhees’s Exploded photo set illustrates the anatomy of some everyday objects with intriguing results.

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If da Vinci Had Designed the Mac

If Leonardo da Vinci had taken a page out of Steve Jobs’s book and decided to design computer hardware for a living, his designs would have probably looked something like this. We’ve already seen what the iPhone would have looked like through da Vinci’s eyes, and even his rendition of Super Mario Bros., but the iSteam Mac design reveals da ...

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The Exploded 2600 Shirt

Classic gamers demand classic shirts. Get inside your old Atari 2600 with this custom t-shirt that details the inner workings of the first popular home console. Sure, you can’t play classics like Centipede or Pitfall, but you’ll earn some respect the next time you roll up to the arcade wearing this number. At $17, it’s the perfect gift for the ...

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