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New World of Warcraft Races Revealed?

An exciting rumor is floating around the gaming world. Thanks to the power of data mining, hackers have uncovered some interesting new data in the newest patch of World of Warcraft. Hidden in the patch are Halloween mask models, which are used during the in-game Halloween festivities, allowing your toon to dress up like a different race. The important piece ...

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More Fallout 3 DLC Details

Sure, downloadable content for Fallout 3 was announced, but what about the juicy details? You’ve heard of Operation Anchorage, the first of three DLC packs Bethesda plans on releasing, yet the other two have been kept pretty hush hush. Bethesda reveals the third DLC pack, Broken Steel, after the jump.

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Fallout 3 DLC Officially Announced

Already Bethesda is announcing details of its first plans for Fallout 3 downloadable content for both the PC and Xbox 360 (Sorry PS3 owners!) In addition to the expansion, Bethesda is also throwing in the long-awaited dev kit for PC users. Named the G.E.C.K. (Garden of Eden Creation) kit, this will allow players to mod the game and come up ...

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Wrath Of The Lich King Manual Leaked

If you just so happen to play World Of Warcraft all day and night, then you obviously have the game installed on your computer. Did you know that you have access to the Wrath Of The Lich King game manual before the game has been released? Well, you do. Blizzard either underestimates the nosiness of its players or they just ...

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Wrath Of The Lich King Release Date Announced

Many of you World Of Warcraft addicts have been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. It’s the moment where logging on to play your character doesn’t leave you with a fruitless goal of doing nothing more than obtaining gear because now, once again, the level cap will be raised. That means more grinding which will then lead ...

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Leaked Screenshots from World of Warcraft WotLK Alpha

Seemingly verified through insider information, sources have confirmed that these screenshots have been leaked from the alpha testing phase of the World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. The new expansion will add a new class, the first hero class, the Death Knight, to the WoW world, as well as a new profession called Inscription, new ...

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