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Most Badass Geek Tattoo Ever Etched On Flesh

Jack Newton is a fan of science. A dedicated fan. His decision to permanently print a portrait of the world famous physicist Stephen Hawking on his leg not only proves his die-hard attitude towards science but also demonstrates his excellent taste in body art. The tattoo – complete with a Monty Python line from the classic Life of Brian film ...

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“I Do” Laser Etched Wedding Ring

Here’s a wedding ring that’s out of the ordinary. A “Yes, I Do” sound wave is cut-out of the ring. No engraving your significant other’s favorite love poem on this ring. There’s no room for it. Designer Sakura Koshimizu uses lasers to cut out the shape of the waveform produced from your own “Yes I Do.” Using some sound editing ...

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Tinysaurus Hex

Bastards. The team at NYCResistor have a new laser cutter and they want you to know about it. Check out this tiny, tiny, TINY dinosaur that’s like half the size of a fucking penny. How in the world do you even design things this small? Either way, it’s awesome and I want an entire fleet of robo-dinos to battle my ...

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