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Tennis Ball Chair: Sports Bar Chic

Spotted at BKLYN Designs 2009, this Tennis Ball Chair (oddly not the first piece of tennis ball furniture we’ve seen) would fit awesome into the decor of a sports bar or bachelor pad. Sure, not the manliest sport ever, but a chair made out of footballs would hardly be comfortable. Link

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The Roundabout Kensington Surge Protector

Whether you’re hosting a LAN party or you just have an ass load of video game consoles to power, there is one peripheral that is more important than all the rest: the surge protector. With the circular design of the SmartSockets Table Top, you’ll not only be safeguarding yours (and your LAN buddies’) electrical equipment with 1500 joules of protection, ...

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Beer Goggles

The next time you participate in The Great American Challenge, make sure you’re properly equipped. Shotgunning beers can get messy and if any foam gets in your eyes, it’s game over. Stay prepared with these beer goggles. At $25 and $50, it’s a small price to pay for the eyewear of a true champion like yourself. I’m sure the babes ...

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Old PCs Used To Create Virtual Sunset

This setup, dubbed “Mauritian Sunset ” by UK-based artist Sandy Smith, is made up of a ton of old, obsolete computers and monitors. Together they create a wall-sized installation that produces beautiful colors that resemble a “sunset” of some kind. While I don’t see the whole sunset thing, I think it’d make as an awesome lighting setup for a party ...

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Pro Gaming Table Keeps You Focused, Fat

Here’s a “Pro Gaming Table” that is supposed to be awesome for people who never leave the house. It can hold your thousands of dollars worth of equipment with ease, ensuring that you’re never going to have “issues” whilst raiding in World of Warcraft come the release of that new expansion pack. And by “issues,” I mean running out of ...

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The Last HOPE: Electronic Graveyard

Found on the second floor of the Hotel Pennsylvania. A group of hackers were selling old phone equipment and patronizing me for taking pictures. I’d rather be a photographer than a group of fat fucks selling old junk!

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