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Entire Original Star Wars Trilogy GIF’ed

OMG OMG OMG OMG! OK, sorry, I can control myself. We’re all adults here. And if not, WHERE are your parents? Don’t you know this site has very naughty language? Anyway, someone went through the trouble of creating animated GIF images of all three of the original Star Wars films. I’m forever in their debt. Hit the jump to see ...

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Make Your Own Empire Strikes Back Retro Banner

How fricken’ cool is this? RestrainingBolt.com created an awesome generator which turns any text you desire into an Empire Strikes Back retro-styled banner. Each character features a different image from the iconic film. If our logo wasn’t so rad, and if I didn’t risk violating multiple copyright laws, I’d seriously consider replacing it. Link [via]

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The Only Way George Lucas Can Stop Gaining Weight

The Japanese aren’t the only ones who are Star Wars crazy. The fans know the difference between an actual Millennium Falcon and one made out of batter. Japan held a Star Wars celebration for fans of the epic sci-fi saga to come show off their designs and art related to Star Wars, like that AT-AT from the streets. Bonnie Burton ...

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