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Emoticon Stamp Keeps You Smiling

There’s just no getting around it. Emoticons have become part of the the international vernacular. Emoticons span the language barrier and allow for coy communication across any culture. It’s amazing that we don’t find little winky faces in ancient cave paintings. The Emoticon Stamp from Kaoiro allows you to mix and match your favorite punctuation marks to create up to ...

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Emoji: Turn Your iPhone Up To 11

Yesterday, around 9:50am, I received a text message on my iPhone 3G. I opened it up and lo and behold, what do I see? A fish, a soccer ball and a traffic light. What the fuck could this be? After asking my friend how he sent images like that via SMS, he soon explained to me that these were Emoji, ...

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Art For The Geek Mind

The geek mind is sometimes ignorant to the abstract, such as fine art. Flickr user Paulthewineguy has put together a photo set which translates art into a language geeks can understand. Using emoticons and code, these pieces of art are much easier to admire, being a geek, than ever before. Art snobs beware, as this might make you feel a ...

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