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Designer’s 3-D Wire Sconce

Designer Marcus Tremonto crafts these wicked DIY sconces out of strands of illuminated wire which he pokes through glossy sheets of acrylic. The result is this 3-D illusion of a lamp that almost appears as if it isn’t hanging from a wall. These light fixtures are eco-friendly as well, with each one operating with cool-burning electroluminescent wire. Tremonto doesn’t just ...

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ETree Lamp: All Strings Attached

The ETree Lamp uses gorgeous electroluminescent tubes to produce an organic moving light piece. ETree comes off as more of an interactive sculpture than a lamp, just because it’s one of those pieces that are so artsy, it just has to be exclusive. ETree’s 10 bluish-green branches can be bent into about any shape you desire, allowing the user to ...

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FlexMedia animated electroluminescent signs

Although not the most useful of products displayed at CES, the FlexMedia animated signs are pretty cool looking. The name of the product pretty much says it all. They are animated posters that are flexible and thin. Using the superpowers of EL (Electroluminescent), the FlexMedia signs look like they could be a nice replacement to the drab days of non-animated ...

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