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Elderly Superheroes: Kryptonite Isn’t the Only Thing Able to Defeat Superman

Being super doesn’t make you immortal. The superheroes from our childhood are starting to look a little older than we’d like to admit. Poor Superman has lowered himself into using a walker (hopefully not made of Kryptonite). Catwoman is fast asleep in her rocking recliner. The Hulk has withered into a hulking couch potato. Times they are a-changing. The elderly ...

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Jive Talk: Social Networking for Old People

Like many of you, I fall victim to my Grandmother’s constant request for tech support for her 10-year-old computer. There are times where I cry, pull my hair out and I curse the person who told her to buy a computer. But, I digress, there is hope and it comes in the form of Jive. Jive is a computer/social-networking concept ...

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