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Amazon Kindle 2 Has Hidden SIM Card Slot

We haven’t been talking about the Amazon Kindle 2 a lot. Know why? Because everyone and their mother has been talking about it. Jeff Bezos was even on The Colbert Report shilling his new eBook reader. Interestingly, though, when the boys at iFixIt cracked open a brand new Kindle 2, they found a surprise waiting inside. See that circled area ...

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Plastic Logic’s E-Newspaper Debuts

A relatively unknown company called Plastic Logic today unveiled it’s new technology called E-Newspaper. Designed to mimic the look but not the feel of newspaper, it’s supposed to put current versions of e-ink, such as the Kindle or eReader, to shame. The unnamed device will make it’s official debut come January 2009 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas (we’ll ...

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