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Bacon and Egg iPhone Case: I Can Do Without the Egg

Everybody’s favorite crisped pork fat dish, with a side of fried chicken hatchling, is the star of this felt iPhone case / pouch / inedible tease. Breakfast is one of the geekiest meals of the day, just because the inclusion of bacon, maybe with a dash of Jolt cola for that AM buzz. The handcrafted case makes me hungry just ...

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Get Smart: Egg Edition

Alright chief. We have five minutes and I mean exactly five minutes to get these six hard boiled eggs to Mayor Bloomberg. You can’t lose them and if they fall on the ground, we’re finished I tell ya. The man needs his breakfast. Here, use my special egg suitcase for the task. It’ll hold all six of Bloomy’s eggs in ...

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Bacon and Eggs Scarf

Stop the presses. Just fucking stop them. It’s February, it’s cold out and bacon and eggs remain the undisputed king of breakfast. You need a scarf made from eggs and bacon if you’re going to even think about keeping your credibility around in this town. And the best part is, you’re supporting Etsy seller TheHappyCrocheter, who makes each scarf by ...

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Have Some Breakfast

Eggs are a great way to start your morning, just don’t sit on my couch. Though I’d like to know how they got the eggs on the side to stay in place… Link

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