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Light Writing in Abandoned Areas

Flickr user { tcb } searches for abandoned property and then performs some awesome light writing effects. The photos speak for themselves. It seems totally worth it, shooting in an abandoned setting. Not only for freedom and safety sake, but because of the personality the settings ooze through their pores. Each of these settings has a history. And while we ...

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Feature: Video MIDI Mixer Using Pure Data

About six months ago, I was reading up on music creation and the program Max/MSP, a graphical workflow environment for creating and manipulating audio and video. Very complex, but powerful stuff. The author of Max/MSP, Miller S. Puckette, later created a piece of similar, open-source software called Pure Data (pd). Pure Data is similar to Max/MSP except that it’s free ...

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Processing Sound and Audio With The Arduino

It’s no news that we’re Arduino nuts here at Gearfuse, but lately, we haven’t seen anything that has really pushed the boundaries of the popular microcontroller. Now some smarty pants named Martin has come along with a schematic that allows real-time audio processing with the Arduino. This means you can create guitar FX pedals, equalizers and a whole lot of ...

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Kobrin Reviews The Moog Guitar

A good pal of mine and former colleague Mike Kobrin is the go-to man for all things musical. I didn’t even know a Moog guitar existed until I saw this post on CrunchGear featuring a video of Kobrin reviewing it. It looks (and sounds) like a beautiful instrument but at $6500, it’s reserved for real rock stars. No, getting one ...

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DIY Ibanez Tube Screamer Pedal

Since the 1970s, every serious rock and roll guitarist has used Ibanez’s Tube Screamer distortion pedal. I’ve played with an original vintage pedal and some of the later models that use digital processing and let me tell you: the original still remains king. The tone is so perfect for a humbucker and a Marshall that it’s truly scary. Unfortunately, the ...

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