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WiiThink Concept Means You’ll Actually Need To Use Your Brain

We know usually you set your brain’s power button to off when playing your Wii, and that’s fine that Wii playing is meant to be your downtime, but if you even plan on using the WiiThink concept peripheral, there’s just no way in hell you’ll be able to maintain that mindless mentality. Using EEG technology to read your brainwaves, the ...

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Brainwave Sofa Carved Straight From Your Thoughts

Lucas Maassen and Dries Verbruggen had a crazy idea. Not only did they have a crazy idea, but they acted on that very oddity. And that’s how you get things done, no matter how nutso the concept might seem. This proof-of-concept Brainwave Sofa device takes raw EEG data and creates a piece of furniture based on your very thoughts. The ...

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Robot acts out your dreams

When we have a dream, the visions we experience remain in our minds and only in our minds, and are more often than not, forgotten quickly. Sleep Waking is a robot which uses recorded brainwaves to re-enact your movements inside of your dreams.

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