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Blaze Video Magic Video Converting Software

Blaze Video Magic

When it comes to being a computer genius, things start to get a little ridiculous when there are so many different software options available. If you're like us then generally you will go with friend recommend a software if you're not sure where to start looking. Today, we're going to be that friend. Blaze Video Magic is one of our favorite video conversion software options, not only because they offer users a free trial, but because of its ease of use and variety of features.

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Editing Sound With Photoshop

You may be used to making music with apps like GarageBand, Logic Pro and Pro Tools. But did you know, that you can use the world’s most popular photo-editing software to manipulate sound? Using a program called Photosounder, John Keston was able to save a piano recording as a bitmap image file. He then loaded it into Photoshop, added some ...

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Immunity To AIDS Is A Gene Edit Away

Unless you have loads of cash like the great Magic Johnson, HIV and AIDS could still be a threat to your precious blood cells. Scientists may have found a way to give average earning folks like you and I an immunity to AIDS. Some people are naturally resistant to HIV due to a mutation in their cells that keeps them ...

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