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Sniffing Keystrokes By Monitoring Magnetic Field

Two doctoral students, Martin Vuagnoux and Sylvain Pasini from the Security and Cryptography Laboratory at the Swiss Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, have discovered a potential threat to security that declares keyboards “unsafe to transmit sensitive information”. By monitoring signals produced by keystrokes, the researchers were able to reproduce what had been typed on 11 different keyboards using a variety ...

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DIY: Lamp To Parabolic Microphone

Here’s a great way to eavesdrop on an unknowing sap’s conversation. Objects in Flux’s Scott Mitchell has turned a vintage lamp into a parabolic microphone for recording. It’s got volume control and a headphone socket mounted in the lamps base. This way, no one other than the headphone wearer gets to hear the goods. And by goods I mean the ...

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Nosy Neighbor Rod: Shh, I’m Eavesdropping

While it looks to be as easy as strapping a stethoscope to a stick, the Neighbor Rod is a tool used for looking creepy and eavesdropping on your friends, family, and neighbors, without them being any the wiser to your intentions. Oddly enough, the Neighbor Rod can also be used to knock on the wall, we guess to ask for ...

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