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What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen: Ducks Are Actually Wearing Dog Masks

Despite being wild animals, mallards are surprisingly trusting. Just offer them some bread and you’ll have an army of ducks following you for hours. Which got me thinking, maybe ducks think we’re the ones being deceived. If you take a look, it’s clear that ducks have genetically adapted the ability to make us trust them by donning a built-in dog ...

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Quackers Punk Duck says “Screw you and your bath”

We spotted this Quackers Punk Duck and fell in love. It’s such a nice remake of the traditional yellow rubber ducky made famous from Ernie on Sesame Street. This duck wouldn’t put up with Ernie’s crap. The movement that turned a generation into rebels has created something so much more worth while. Novelty ducks! Complete with spiked choker necklace, a ...

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Super Rub’a’Dub is game adapted from Sony ducky demo

Nostalgia is responsible for many people buying things they really don’t need. While the new game that will be released onto the Playstation Network is probably pretty fun, we can’t help but think that rubber duckies could have been replaced by some other item. You read right, that demo that everyone saw of the ducks getting poured into a small ...

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