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SwimSport: Keep Your Bathing Suit Dry

While swimming is almost always a blast (save for when your boat capsizes), having a soaking wet swimsuit riding up your crack has never been a pleasure. A new company from Brooklyn called Sun Dry Swim is looking to change ass cracks around the world with a new nanotechnology that repels water from the swimsuit. The result is a self-drying ...

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Washing machine reuses tub water, dry-cleans leather jackets at home

Sanyo Japan was showcasing their new line of washing machines, AQUA this morning. The one that catches the most attention would be the ability of dry cleaning clothes at home. You heard that right, the wet-washing machine is able to dry-clean your clothes too, and they’re using Ozone. Sanyo was able to lower the temperature down to 50C, making leather ...

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