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Shakin’ — Not Stirred

Science has finally advanced in such a way that we’ve completely eliminated the middle man for stirring drinks: the spoon. Any beverages that need mixing can be done with this mug‘s self-mixer, an innovative design, invented by French students. The bottle-neck form of the lower half of the self-mixing mug allows you to stir your drink by simply holding the ...

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Get Drunk, Then Slay Orcs!

Codemasters, the publishers behind Lord of the Rings: Online, have come up with a new take on drinking games in MMORPGs. It’s called Swig and Toss and it’s a first person perspective of what downing mead from a stein and tossing axes as you slowly slip into inebriation would look like. The game is free to play at the game’s ...

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Every Bartender/Alcoholic Needs A Whiskey Holster

Imagine a picturesque wild west town. It’s the late 1890s and the bars are hot, stale and empty. You and 5 of your amigos stroll in and order a round of whiskey shots, stat. How could you put the bartender under that kind of stress? The whiskey is clearly on the other side of the bar, next to the laser ...

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